Guar Gum is a plant seed natural hydrocolloid - a cold and hot water soluble galactomannan polysacharide derived from the seeds of the
Guar plant "Cyamopsis Tetragonalobus".

The Guar Gum distributed by Wykefold is manufactured by India's premier producer Lucid Colloids Ltd - based in Mumbai (Bombay) and Jodhpur, India - under the brand "Edicol".

Edicol is used as a stabiliser, thickener, viscosifier, rheology agent, bulking and suspension agent and texture and consistency modifier.

Edicol is available in a variety of viscosities, particle size distributions and hydration rates to suit every need.

Edicol typical applications:

Frozen dairy and non-dairy

Fresh dairy

Baked goods

Dry cake mixes

Juices, syrups, shakes

Soup mixes

Canned foods

Lucid Colloids also manufacture Guar Gums for pharmaceutical, technical, oil and gas drilling, mining and carpet applications.

Lucid Colloids are ISO9001, ISO14001 and HACCP approved,  FPA-SAFE and operate to high cGMP standards.  All Lucid Guar Gum is GM free.  Kosher and Halal material is available.

For more information on Lucid Colloids Ltd, please visit their website www.lucidgroup.com