We offer Egg powders from a range of manufacturers.
The range includes a large variety of whole egg, egg yolk and egg white products - liquid and powder as well as choux mixes and health ingredients.
Some of the best selling products:

Heat Stable Egg Yolk powder

This product has excellent emulsifying properties. Heat Stable Egg Yolk means that the final product, a mayonnaise, dressing, salad or a sauce, can stand heat treatment without breaking the emulsion. It is even possible to UHT-treat the final product.
The product offers mayonnaise producers very significant potential savings compared to the use of liquid egg yolk.
The superior emulsifying properties mean that the dosage can be reduced to 80% or even lower, compared to standard egg yolk powder.

Hen Egg Albumen powder for whipping

High performance albumen powder with a modern pasteurisation technology that gives a high and stable whipping ability and a good foam stability.
The neutral smell and the excellent taste have been highly appreciated.
Our producers have long experience in developing high quality high whip albumen powders for many different applications.

Albumen powder for binding
The albumen powder can be processed in order to optimise the binding properties. We have a range of products with different levels of gel strength and water binding capacity. Our long experience working together with customers has given us great knowledge in offering albumen powder with different binding properties.