Carob powder is a 100% natural food ingredient made of roasted and then finely ground carob pulp and is available in different colours which correspond to the grade of roasting. The carob pulp is obtained from carob beans which in turn are the fruit of the Carob tree, growing in the Mediterreanean climate.

Carob powder has many benefits which include:- it is caffeine and theobromine free, very low in fat, high in fibre, residue free, nontoxic and fully compatible with other ingredients.

Carob powder distributed by Wykefold is manufactured by Alimcarat Sl, Mallorca - the world's leading producer of food grade carob powder. The brand names are "Carovit", "Bionulpro" and "Caromat". Alimcarat's range include:

Carovit - food grade
Comes in 4 colours: Light, Medium Light, Dark and Extra Dark.
(the colour depends on the roasting time and temperature).
It is used as a Cocoa powder alternative - mostly partially or totally.
Typical applications:
Bakery products and biscuits
Breakfast cereals
Chocolate bars
Coatings, couverture and spreads
Colourings and flavourings (eg. Malt extract substitute)
Milk and soy shakes
Bionulpro- feed grade (for petfood and animal feed)
An excellent appetiser, promotes healthy intestinal tract and prevents and treats diarrhetic diseases. It can totally replace conventional pellet binders that have no nutritional value. Contains high levels of short-chain digestible sugars and is caffeine and theobromine free.

Bionulpro can totally or partially replace:
- Sweeteners
- Flavourings
- Dextrose / lactose
- Whey powder
- Pellet binders
- Molasses
- Cereals
- Pectin

Alimcarat Sl are ISO9001, Kosher and Halal approved. All their products are GM free. Organic versions are available.
For more information, please visit their website www.alimcarat.com